APIdou – My plushy digital friend !


Change the way your kids relate to the digital world introducing safer new interactions thanks to APIdou, the stuffed toy controller.
Let’s go on an APIdou adventure ! Move the stuffed toy to control the character in the game to make him walk, run, or dance. Touch the different colored zones to play music, learn the alphabet, and explore numbers. Even after your interactive experience is over, you can still create your own adventures with APIdou, your plush little friend.

There is a real need for new generations to interact with the digital world early on. I don’t necessarily mean they have to learn to code but they need to be aware of the gap between a real object and it’s digital representation. [...] I will be more than happy if it got as much success as possible.

Nicolas Sadirac, co-founder of 42, innovative coding school in Paris and Fremont, CA


Our values

Child centric

APIdou empowers kids in their digital discovery bringing them more awareness to their usage of screens.

Trustful and secured

APIdou does not collect any personal datas and will never send anything to the Internet.

Affective interactions

We believe that digital is not limited to white plastic lifeless objects. Digital can also be a real toy

A new perspective on digital

Une vraie peluche

A real toy

A real plush toy, child proof and machine-washable, made with certified textiles.. Of course, APIdou follows the same safety standards than any other toy

A tactile interface

APIdou enables young children to train their fine motor skill thanks to a precise movement sensor, five tactile zones and a small vibration motors.

Educational content

Our apps, made in close collaboration with early childhood specialists, help kids regulate their screen time and block undesirable content.

Easy to use

It simply connects to iOS or Android tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth


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